I am optimistic, empathetic & strategic.





Hi, I'm Brittney. I'm a designer, researcher, strategist, facilitator and manager who applies design thinking to understanding systems and solving for pattern. I'm passionate about people and am drawn to projects that advance social equity. With a background in interior design, the effects of the built environment on human behavior is a reoccurring theme in my explorations. 

Born in California and raised in Maine, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Hawai'i, and Florida, I attribute my childhood as the daughter of a U.S. Coast Guard engineer to my ability to adapt to new situations and to thrive on making sense and order out of people and places. 

In 2015, I completed a Master of Arts degree in Design for Sustainability at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. (Read my M.A. Candidacy Statement of Intent here for insight into why I took this post-grad path.) During those studies, I worked as the Sustainability Coordinator for SCAD Serve, the college's volunteer program for students, staff and faculty where I organized weekly opportunities for the SCAD community to participate in projects around Savannah that were making positive contributions towards a more socially and environmentally just community.

After graduate school, I explored corporate sustainability  through the lens of community stewardship at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a world-class aviation company with immense global impact and local influence and also worked as a project manager for Emergent Structure's Farm Cart project – a material reuse collaboration between SCADSavannah Technical College, and the Forsyth Farmers' Market

I now call Seattle, Washington home where I am getting to know the community by serving on the board of directors for the Ethnic Heritage Council.  I'm fulfilling my passion and flexing my strengths as Education Coordinator at the International Living Future Institute.

I like eating lunch outside. I believe in the philosophy of ubuntu.

You can email me at bboudwin@gmail.com. I'm also on the internet sometimes.

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