Facilitating Creative Thinking

The ability to be creative is innate, but it can also be cultivated through collaborative experiences facilitated in structured settings. These experiences involve multi-sensory creative engagement methods for stimulating the head, heart and hands and lead teams to innovate remarkable solutions. 

For this project, we engaged the leadership and community advocates of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary to help them improve their strategy for reaching diverse audiences. Through initial conversations, it became clear that Biomimicry would be an ideal framework and process for leveraging the wisdom of the local ocean ecosystem and applying it Gray's Reef's challenge of strengthening connections between Gray's Reed and the community of Savannah. Once we established the project challenge with Gray's Reef, we moved onto setting goals for two client engagement sessions over the course of six weeks.

The following videos summarize each session. I acted as the design manager for the Design Charette session, organizing a team of nine in the preparation stages, as well as directing and supporting a full day of facilitation.  

Day 1: Design Charette

Day 2: Visioning Workshop

Client Book

Process Book